Monday, March 4, 2013


I'm excited to announce that we now have wood-mount, clear-mount AND photopolymer stamps! These new stamps are a top-quality photopolymer (not the thin acrylic, which is often flimsy and does not wear well over time) has just enough give to create a perfectly stamped image every time especially with our new firm foam ink pads.

I was a pleasantly surprised how well they stamped when I had a chance to test them out at our Calgary Regional Event this weekend.  I can say from using them that they give a really nice crisp, clear image.

Why try photopolymer stamps?
  • They're entirely transparent for perfect placement every time!
  • They are durable. The photopolymer material is designed to last.
  • Can you say sticky? (Don't worry; in a good way.) These stamps stick amazingly well to our clear blocks and they have the image on the back.
  • They're age tested. They won't yellow or cloud up over time.
  • They use FDA, food-safe material. How far can you stretch your stamping creativity?
  • We could go on, but we'll let you try them for yourself.
  • They are a great value! For only $16.95, you get a 57 piece stamp set!  Wow!
They are clearly a great choice.

Check out this video and see what I mean!

These are a limited time offer so order yours today!

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